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Welcome to Zoo/Exotic Pathology Service.

Established in 1984, Zoo / Exotic Pathology Service is an independent laboratory exclusively devoted to the needs of Zoological Parks, Aquariums, and Veterinarians in avian and exotic animal practice.

Dr. Reavill will be traveling to Hong Kong and Singapore March 16 to March 29 for multiple speaking engagements. She will not be responding to emails during this time.  Please contact Hannah, the head tech at the lab, zooexotic@icloud.com or (916) 339-6999 with any questions. Dr. David Gasper will be reading all cases (http://www.zooexotic.com/our-doctors.pml). The email reports will be coming from this email: zooexotic@icloud.com


Histopathology for diagnosis of disease processes affecting mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

  Complete gross necropsy including histopathology

  Special Techniques

   Telephone Consultation


  Forensic Consultation

  Rapid Turn Around

Please browse our website to learn more about the pathology services we provide to veterinarians.

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